Transfer – Woedikou Mafille Becomes First Female Togolese Professional Football Player

Woedikou Mafille has become the first Togolese female footballer to become a professional.

As announced, last Friday the player took the direction of France for a medical test with club Entente Sportive des Trois Cités de Poitiers.

Maffile passed the medical   and the attacker signed a contract witha the Club de Régionale 1.

A first for Togolese women’s football. The Athlèta FC player took the plunge by signing with a very ambitious French club. A personal success for Woedikou who overcame obstacles before getting there.

“In Togo, it is already not easy to play men’s football, given the precarious conditions in terms of infrastructure. And when you’re a girl, it’s a real obstacle course, because to material difficulties, you have to add cultural taboos. Football is considered to be a sport reserved exclusively for boys, “she said during an interview.

The length of her contract and her salary have not been released. But what is certain, Woedikou Mafille is now an integral part of the workforce of the Entente Sportive des Trois Cités de Poitiers. She and her team will have to fight to be promoted to Division Two at the end of the season. The club is on the right track since it has a record 8 wins and a draw from 9 games played so far

Note that before signing his contract, Woedikou Mafille visited the facilities of his new club to get an idea of ​​the heavy task ahead.

By: Evelyn Edefe

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