Black Princesses striker Ruth Animah together with some other national team colleagues were recruited into the Prison Service after successfully passing-out yesterday.

Ruth, alongside five other national team players (comprising Black Queens, Princesses and Maidens) were part of the 112th course run by the Ghana Prisons Service for new recruits.

A total of 423 recruits passed out as officers yesterday, made-up of 269 young men representing 63.6% of the total number and 154 young women, which represents 36.4% of the total number.

In an interview with online portal NBSportslive, the striker opined that,’We are ladies and we understand we

(most of us) cannot play to the highest level. So this job (Prisons Services) will also support us in many ways. I’m grateful”

An enthusiastic Ruth Animah said she is ever ready to play for her national team.

‘I’m ever ready to play for the Black Princesses anytime I am called.”

“If we are called to camp today, I’m not exhausted (from the training regiments of the Prisons Services), I can play” she concluded.