March 13 marked the second day of the Normalization Committee Women’s Special Competition.

Hasaacas ladies are among a host of other clubs in the NC women’s Special competition but things seem a bit tough for the club in the competition.

They recorded their heaviest defeat in the history of the club on day 2 following their 1-4 lose at home to Sea Lions.

Head coach of the club, Yussif Basigi is unhappy with the results of his team’s performance in the opening two matches;

“One cannot dispute the fact that our endurance level is very low despite our good squad quality and that’s not enough to win you a game”.

Meanwhile, the head coach is looking forward to his first win in their next game against Soccer Intellectuals away in Ajumanko;

“We will surely bounce back because we are still in the competition and we are going to take our chances”.

Hasaacas Ladies first lost their game against Ladystrikers before suffering that heavy lose to sea lions.

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