What Old Trafford means to Bruno – Man Utd

And your family often sit in the stands and watch you play at Old Trafford. Is it nice to know that they are there and amongst our amazing fans and cheering you on?

“It is the best feeling for them and for myself too. For myself, having my family there is something that is amazing and something that, as you are growing up, you want to have your family there in the stands. Obviously for them seeing that atmosphere, being at big stadiums, watching such big games, hearing the crowd and everything. I had some friends here that came to some games. One of them is probably one of my longest friends that I have known for a long time and he came last season for the first game of the season. He goes to Sporting, he’s a Sporting fan too. He goes in the ultras, so when he came to the game he [thought it was] unbelievable. He saw the game against Leeds [in August 2021]. He said to me if I want to score a hat-trick again, he has to come for the next game!”

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