Women’s Premier League boss claims lockdown hurting female players

Chairperson for the Women’s Premier League Board, Madam Hillary Boaten, believes women footballers are disadvantaged during this coronavirus pandemic.

She laments how players in the WPL are struggling to have access to training equipments with the memoratorium on social gathering still in place.

Speaking on Accra-based Adom FM and monitored by NBSports, she stated:”As the ladies are at home, I believe probably some of  them wouldn’t have access to equipments that they could while at training centers or their various clubs like elliptical machine, but however, they can embark on small exercises in their  own small enclaves like their coaches used to teach them while at training camps like skipping ropes,sit ups.”

Madam Boateng expressed her disappointed in finding out a female has been impregnated during this partial lockdown.

”This afternoon, unfortunately, I heard of something that has saddened me. One player has been impregnated by somebody,” she lamented.

”She’s a very promising player. She got pregnant during this locked down. My only advice to the ladies is please, if you have decided to be a footballer, you need to  stay focused because  probably the men who get you pregnant might put your future on halt.”

The Ghana FA Women’s Premier League is on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Naa Bardina
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