Women’s Premier League clubs not ready for quick return- chair Hilary Boaten

Several leagues are being abbreviated and champions declared as well as relegation candidates confirmed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Others are preparing to resume with the German Bundesliga the first to return during this lockdown period.

In Ghana, Chairperson Madam Hilary Boaten, does not want the Women’s Premier League to be cancelled but does not want us to be in a haste to return to the pitch.

“One question we should be asking is, if government finally lifts ban on social gatherings which includes football, are the Women’s Premier League clubs ready to resume?,” she queried.

”As explained by several medical practitioners, countries like Germany have started implementing measures that can help resume football

”All that  I’m saying is ,as a country, do we have measures in place to test players every week in case we resume our leagues because, health is very important, do we have test centers specifically designated for the footballers when we resume? playing behind closed doors, can we raise enough money to cater for the clubs?

”As the Ladies at home ,do they train ? You and I know that because of ban on social gatherings, Police could arrest ladies training on the field .

When quizzed about whether we can’t meet those measures to conclude the second round, she said: ”For that, we can’t conclude, probably there are measures put in place.”

Naa Bardina
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