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NB Sports Live is at the moment growing very fast and our goal is to become the biggest digital women’s sports news provider

NB Sports Live is an Online Media Production Company Contents creators For Women Sporting Activities that is always focused on delivering a premiere, professional and world class service to our clients, our participants and the communities that we work with. We are fortunate with the leading professionals in their industries, from Graphic design, to videography, photography and Journalism.


We cover sporting events on women, from Football, Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Badminton etc.


We as the world of sports and special events to create healthy lives, active communities, lifelong memories and strong businesses. We strive to deliver unforgettable experiences for our participants with high quality returns for our clients. Our success is defined by accomplishing the goals and objectives of our clients. We love what we constantly shows.

Sports Event Management

Our team of professionals provides a full range of Sports event management services will handle all facets of your event, regardless of what kind of event you desire. The focus is on a goal oriented, objective based outcome that we can all work towards. We have experience in local community events that feature the uniqueness of that community, This same level of experience and dedication is used for each of our projects.


To achieve the project’s stated goals.

To create a fun, memorable experience that will bring the athlete back time and again.

To create a professional atmosphere that helps you stand out.

To build an event into a community that perpetually grows and achieves our respective goals

Trust us to deliver high-quality programmes and production.

NB Sports – Miles Beyond The Extra

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