WPL – Message From The Women’s Premier League Committee (WPLC) Ahead Of The Start Of The Season

The Season 6 of the Women’s Premier League is here and we are all excited about it.

On behalf of the Women’s Premier League Committee , we wish all the teams a fruitful league season filled with accomplishments and lots of fascinating thrills.

The innovations and incentives introduced for this season, have understandably increased the stakes in this season’s competition.

As you all strive to win every week in a bid to be champions at the end, the WPLC would want to remind all to compete in the spirit of true sportsmanship, fair play and respect the laws of the game by avoiding any acts or behaviour that will bring the game into disrepute.

Also, we appeal to the officiating officials to uphold the rules and ensure that the games are not marred but rather become attractive as the world watches on to see how the WPL will fare.

Again, we appeal to the media to continue to provide the support they have offered over the years in the promotion of the women’s league.

To the fans and football enthusiasts in various communities, the WPLC encourages them to show their support by attending the games in their communities.

Once again, we wish you all the very best. Let us all put our hands on deck to make this season a memorable one.


Naa Bardina
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